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Email Marketing audit for your Virtual Assistant to follow

If your email campaigns and broadcasts have not been performing as well as you’d like, it may be time to do an Email Marketing Audit.

You may be thinking, “What in the world is that?” And I’m going to share with you the exact steps your Virtual Assistant can follow to audit your emails so that you can meet your conversion goals.

When you audit your email marketing strategy you are looking at two things:

  1. What’s working well
  2. What’s not working and needs to be updated

I’ve put together a valuable but simple Email Marketing Audit checklist of 7 critical elements for your Virtual Assistant to follow.



This includes the use of colors, fonts, graphics, etc. If in every email you are sending with a different email header every time, this may cause your list to become confused as to exactly what you do and why they are even on your list. Your fonts and colors are SO important in your emails because just as much as you think your list doesn’t pay attention to these things they really do!

Action: Have your Virtual Assistant create templates based off of your products, courses, lists, etc that you will be sending out. That way, when it’s time to email your list you can simply go in and plug in your content into the template to make sure everything remains consistent.



I cannot tell you how many emails I have received with broken links and then a few minutes later I’m receiving another email titled “Here’s the link from the previous email”. It’s understandable that sometimes mistakes happen, it’s life. But there are ways that you can cut down the mistakes so that you don’t lose the interest of your list because you forgot to add in a link.

Action: When your Virtual Assistant is adding the content to your template email to be sent out, they should first proofread the content that you provided checking for any errors, layout of content, alignment of graphics, and more. Once the email is finished and ready to go, your Virtual Assistant should send a draft of the email to you and themselves to check the links, graphics and content.



This part of the audit can be pretty scary for your Virtual Assistant. Reason why is because your Virtual Assistant has to review your content along with you and tell you if your content will be valuable to your readers OR if you need to go back to the drawing table and re-write. I’ll admit that sometimes your Virtual Assistant will just go with the flow and send the content out and wait for the results.

Action: When working with my clients, I proofread EVERYTHING they send to me and if I feel it just doesn’t provide value to the readers or it just drags in a different direction from the subject of the email I connect with my clients, re-group and come up with more valuable content. Your Virtual Assistant can do this same exact thing for you.



You could have jam packed full of value emails written but because there are no keywords that instantly stick out to your list and really digs deep into the pain points or the results they are looking for, your emails can sometimes be overlooked.

Action: If you have not done so already, your Virtual Assistant should be able to do a keyword search for you. Each of these keywords should be used in your titles, headers and body of each of your emails. Now I’m not saying go overboard and use them in every few sentences, but most definitely use them enough to where it becomes noticed and your audience takes action.



Email marketing is completely separate from social media. But there are ways to build your list by using social media.

Action: With each email you write your Virtual Assistant can do what I like to call a “Sneak Peek” of the content your create. For my clients, this has been an successful way of reaching out to people who they never had any idea was even interested in what they had to offer and now have converted these people into paying clients. It’s all about how you structure the post to sound inviting and full of value instead of promotional.



Would you say that you read your emails more on your computer, tablet or phone? Now, how do you think your audience views your emails?

Action: When creating your emails, your Virtual Assistant should not only be checking to see how your emails appear on the computer, but also how they appear on tablets and mobile devices. Platforms such as Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Simplero, Kajabi, Mailchimp and ConvertKit offers this option. This is very important because it allows you to see your emails as your audience will.



You know how you send a newsletter every week or once a month? And those special offers, webinar invites and courses that you had from weeks ago that are still showing up on your template? These things can nag your audience. Especially for someone who recently joined your list and they see this amazing course that they want to join at the special price but then they realize they missed the sign up date because the content was never updated.

Action: Your Virtual Assistant should automatically catch these things because they are partnering with you and know what you have going on and when it’s going on. So even if you don’t mention it, they should already know that the content needs to be updated or if they have no idea they should at least come to you to get clarity and update as needed.

By having your Virtual Assistant work with you through your email campaigns and sequences, you will ensure that your emails are designed to fit your brand, full of valuable content and working for your business.

Don’t have a Virtual Assistant to work with your through your audit? Contact Tamara Janee today to get started!

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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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