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$ 550
  • No hidden fees
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Websites include

5 page websites

The predesigned websites have 5 pages as well as one page design for blog posts. More pages may be added as an extra.


Host your website and unlimited branded emails with us for one year. Valued at $75/year.

Responsive design

Websites adapt to the users screen size/all devices.


All websites comes with a base level SEO. We also help you connect with Google Analytics and Search Console.

Domain purchase assistance

We can assist finding and purchasing the perfect domain name. Most domains cost around $15/year.

SSL Certificate

Your website will be secured with a SSL certificate.


Indecisive? Make any changes to your site after it's done. Three hours of extra maintenance work are included.


Many extra functionalities may be added to your website such as more pages, integrations and e-commerce.




Browse through our meticulously designed websites and pick your favorite. Let us know which one you love in the form below or on the website itself. You will receive an email asking about your domain name and any extras you may want to include. 


You’ll recieve an invoice with the base cost + extras if added. We will already have started preparing your new domain with the predesigned website.


You’ll receive an email that takes you to a form where you can provide content in an intuitive way. Share copy (websites text), images and any relevant information for us to make your website perfect. 

How long does it take before my Website is live?
Once you place your provide the content and book a build day we will have your website live within a few days.

Will I be the Copyright owner?
Yes, the website is yours. There may be websites out there that has similar designs. Make sure the images and other content you provide are your or royalty free.

Can I make tweaks myself?
Of course, we will give you your own administration login along with a manual to do some basic things like posting blogposts.

We answer your Questions as well: 

“I paid someone to create a website for me on the cheap and the result was horrible. Only days before I needed to reveal the site I reached out for some help and Jesper was right there. In just a few short days he created a site I can be proud. He listened to what I wanted, worked with me on revisions, and explained anything I didn’t understand. I will use Blue Marble Office again and have already recommended them to others.”

Tina Nail
Nail Your Numbers

The Below Terms and conditions apply to this service. 

The package validity is from the day of the payment until the website is fully created and presented. The project will commence when the payment is placed and the briefing form is received.

The agreement is valid from the first day of payment until two months after the handover occurred.

The package includes in the price:

  • Pages included: five on a predesigned basis template.
  • Basic SEO
  • Analytics integrations
  • Responsiveness to all devices
  • User-friendly templates options.
  • Domain purchase assistance.
  • Branded email addresses
  • SSL certificate
  • The hours of Maintenance after the delivery – within the first two months
  • Bonus: FREE hosting for 1 year.

If anything else is requested, will have separate charges, possibly placed on a separate invoice.

This package does not support changes in the template design, if the Client needs a different design/layout from the ones in Blue Marble Office’s list, the Client might need to change the package to Website development to cover all the possible customizations.

Colors and Fonts can be changed from the original template to adequate to the Client’s branding. However, it is the Client responsibility to communicate the fonts and color codes at the beginning of the project, failing in this communication will result in receiving the site with the default colors and fonts.

The Client will have the responsibility to send all the content, including graphics, correctly labeled in order to start with the project on time and reach deadlines. If the client fails to provide them, this will result in leaving the default content and/or Royalty free images or deleting the entire section without content. 

Blue Marble Office will not be held accountable if delays are from the clients’ end; however, Blue Marble Office will work with you to ensure that deadlines are as achievable as possible.

Please note Blue Marble Office uses Royalty free images in all the predesigned templates; if in any circumstance the Client doesn’t have a picture to provide, then the Client is allowed to use the pictures without giving any credit. However, the picture might be used on other sites and it won’t be unique.

The client will fill in the form of Interest in Blue Marble Office’s site and will receive an email requesting further information. 

Blue Marble Office will schedule a day of delivery according to the Client’s needs and Blue Marble Office load of work. 

Once Blue Marble Office sends the site for reviews and the Client will have 7 (SEVEN) days to send their feedback and request for the three hours of maintenance if needed. If 7 days pass without a response, Blue Marble Office will assume {{}} is happy with the final result and will proceed to invoice the client if any invoices are still pending. 

3 hours of Maintenance are included in the price and the Client has the responsibility to communicate those changes. Once the Client has accepted the job, and the Client still has more time in its favor then the Client is entitled to use it within 2 months from the day of the handover. 

If any other changes are requested after those 3 hours of Maintenance included, extra charges apply.

The Client has the right to terminate this Agreement if Blue Marble Office fails to complete the design within 30 days. If the agreement is terminated for any reason other than failure to deliver within this timeframe, Blue Marble Office is not required to reimburse the Client.

If the Client does not purchase a content writer or content research package, the Client will be fully responsible for the content of the website; with no exceptions and it is the Client’s responsibility to deliver it on time. Delays may affect the delivery time of the final result.

If Blue Marble Office designs a website, then the Client agrees that Blue Marble Office may include a development credit and link displayed on the Client’s website. 

During a Website developing project, it is important that the Client communicates information to the Developer to achieve the required result.

The Developer endeavors to create pages that are accessible to search engines. However, the Developer gives no guarantee that the site will become listed with search engines.

Whilst every effort is made to make sure the created website is error-free, the Developer cannot guarantee that the display or functionality of the web design or the website will be uninterrupted or error-free. If, after handover, errors are found on the website the Developer has created and the standard development platform, domain name set-up and hosting set-up are the same as when work began, then the Developer can correct these errors for {{}} free of charge for a period of 2 months, after acceptance of the work. After the 2-month period, the Developer reserves the right to quote separately for any work involved in correcting an error.

In the case the Client specifies a need for the Website that is not possible to achieve with existing Plugins, Blue Marble Office will proceed in the following way:

  1. Inform the Client of the issue and try to present the closer alternative.
  2. Give another idea of how to make it work in some other way.
  3. In the case, the parties can’t reach an agreement and the Client decides to accede to change of coding, Blue Marble Office will get help from the Company associates with an additional cost.

Blue Marble Office will reserve the right not to commence any work until the project has been paid in full.

(Terms and conditions for all services can be found here.)

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