We setup your sales funnels to capture leads.

My funnel

$ 290
  • Landing page
  • T & C page
  • Guide: What to include on T&Cs
  • Lead capture form
  • Up to 5 canned emails series.
  • Ad design & setup
  • One graphic design
  • Dubsado integration

Custom package

$ 190
  • Please contact us to tell us a bit more about your Sales Funnels needs to provide you a quote.

*Note – all prices are in US dollar

How long does it take before my Sales funnel is live?
We will both agree on a dynamic and deadline. It’s important for us to have all the relevant information about your business and your needs before we start with the project.

Will I be the Copyright owner?
Yes, the content is all yours. 

Can you promise specific results?
All Sales Funnels are different, and results will depend on lots of variables; from the nature of the business, the content you provide to the Ad credit you have to invest and target. Unfortunately, for this reason we can’t promise any results but we will do our best to get as great results as possible. 

We answer your Questions as well: 

We don’t have any reviews on this service yet. Why don’t you get a package and review us?

The Below Terms and conditions apply to this service. 

Blue Marble Office will not be held accountable if delays are from the clients’ end; however, Blue Marble Office will work with you to ensure that deadlines are as achievable as possible.

Blue Marble Office will work with you with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. We ensure that no information is disclosed to any additional parties without prior consent.

All work will be kept on file for a period of 12 months. After this time, work will be deleted unless specifically instructed.

We use encryption services for necessary passwords and any other sensitive data. If the client chooses other distribution methods Blue Marble Office is not responsible for any risks this could entail. 

Blue Marble Office Virtual Assistants are assigned to work on a virtual basis only.  ‘In person’ work may be possible in exceptional circumstances but cannot be guaranteed. If granted, all hours including travel time to and from the work location, as well as hours spent on the job, are billable with no exceptions.

If it’s required to Blue Marble Office to send emails on your behalf, then it is a requirement of you (the client) to provide an email account to act on your behalf.

At the end of tasks, content done by Blue Marble Office is owned by your company. Blue Marble Office does, however, have the right to showcase any non-confidential work as a case study.

If the client provides any kind of material, the client will be solely responsible for any violations of copyright law, and may be subject to legal sanctions.

Blue Marble Office has the right to deny any task asked by the client if they consider it engage in any illegal or immoral activity.

The tasks will be performed by the members of Blue Marble Office staff. Rare circumstances may involve the Blue Marble Office staff to require help from third parties.

In the case of the assigned assistant for your project gets sick, Blue Marble Office will be in charge to assign a substitute until your assistant is able to take the project again.

The assigned Virtual Assistant could be allowed to take vacation leave. In those circumstances, Blue Marble Office will inform you 7 (SEVEN) days in advance and discuss potential conditions.

The client will not be responsible for the Virtual Assistant’s sick leave, retirement benefits, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, unemployment insurance benefits or employee benefits of any kind.

All work conducted by Blue Marble Office will be done Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm (Timezone of Blue Marble Office base). Any work that is required to be conducted outside of these hours will be agreed upon at the time of the contract, and an additional charge of US$2.00 per hour will be added to the per hour prices quoted in the pricing schedule.

If 7 days pass without a response, Blue Marble Office will assume the client is happy with the final result and will proceed to invoice.

The client has 14 days to make the payment effective after the invoice is sent, if nothing else instructed. After those 2 weeks 5% fees are added. PayPal fees or any other transaction fees are not included in the price of service

If any additional costs apply, the client will be charged separately to the package in the same invoice. After the additional cost is billed, the client will have 14 days to make this payment effective.

The client has to make the first service’s payment effective if the client decides to hire more services from Blue Marble Office if nothing else has been previously instructed.

Regardless of the client’s currency, all invoices and payable charges for the services conducted will be paid in US dollars.

The client allows Blue Marble Office to add a review (if provided), company logo and any relevant information to Blue Marble Office Website and/or Social Media pages.

We reserve our right to amend or supplement this Agreement at any time, at our discretion. When we change it or supplement it, we will do our best to provide you notice and point out what is different or new. We may also post rules and guidelines applicable to specific products or services to the various areas of our Website that describe them.


As results are subject to the Client’s nature of business, audience, target, among others, please note that Blue Marble Office cannot promise any specific results; however, you can request previous results of sales funnels to have an idea of it works. 

Since we request the content for T&C and the Landing page, Blue Marble Office won’t be responsible if information made available on the mentioned sites is not accurate, complete or current. It is the Client responsibility to communicate if any of the content changes and if this happens after the completion of the Funnel and the approval by the Client, extras hourly charges may apply. 

In the cases where the Client pays only the deposit as a first payment, Blue Marble Office will not send a full access to the Sales Funnel until the payment is paid in full.

If shorter than 5 business days deadline for a task is requested, additional charges may be applied.

If Blue Marble Office designs a Landing page, then the client agrees that Blue Marble Office may include a development credit and link displayed on the website. If Blue Marble Office builds or amends a website for a Client, then the Client agrees that Blue Marble Office may include a development credit and/or link displayed on the site, which may be within the code but not displayed on a web browser if requested by the Client. 


(Terms and conditions for all services can be found here.)