February in Blue Marble Office

We’re excited to share our News! We launched a new great discount and we have been traveling a bit as well!

New clients:

We have been working hard these couple of weeks. We have been helping the new clients and of course the old and great ones!

We worked on new websites, graphic designs and Facebook ads!

Also, we want to collaborate with local companies in Uruguay, so new projects coming up!


New adventures:

We work hard but we also enjoy as well. Now, we’re sharing this with you from the one and only Piriapolis, a beautiful beach located in the Uruguayan South East. We recommend it! One of the best spots in this country, where you can find hills, beautiful ocean, great walks and most important: friendly people. Have a look!




Someone new on our team?

Yes, we’re so happy to announce that we’re incorporating a new member to our team! Now, we not only have Ailine, our copywriter, but also we’re training a new great guy that will be helping us taking

businesses to the next level. We will reveal more information soon! When our Website’s updates are live, Wohoo!




February and March promotion:

This is the best part! We have an amazing discount!

Our Gold package of 40 hours of virtual assistance a month is 30% OFF! Yes, you heard right, now you can get this awesome discount 30% OFF for February and March.

You just need to buy the package and add the discount code GOLDEN20 and enjoy!


We’ll see you next month for more exciting news!

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