What’s a podcast and why it can help you in your business?

As you know, blogs are articles of words that you can… read. But sometimes this is not the method we’re looking to receive information.  Podcasting is a great way to connect with your audience by putting your voice out there in the form of audio. This way your audience can hear the tone and inflections of your voice and this method effectively builds a deeper connection with your audience. 

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Pastels, Puppies, & Your Business

Owning a business is hard.

What’s even harder is setting boundaries between your business and yourself. It’s like a new puppy. You are constantly thinking of ways to make sure it’s happy, growing, and has plenty of treats…

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How To Stay Productive As A Virtual Business Owner

The virtual workforce is increasing due to the digital age, with less emphasis on a traditional workplace and more online opportunities, it has created a larger demand for digital services. This has led to the rise of the virtual business owner who can reduce overheads and increase productivity by working primarily remotely from their own homes.

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Ways to interact with customers on social media

We are in a digital age and many corporate organizations, small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs are beginning to see the importance of social media in maintaining a customer-business relationship. Most customers find it easier to search online for solutions to the challenges they may be facing using a particular product or services, than visiting the office or making a call. This is why it is very important for every business to understand how to interact with customers on social media to provide them good and quality service.

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What is SEO and why is it important?

Imagine a library with billions of books. To efficiently access the vast information stored there, you will need a good librarian. This is the most popular library in the world so the librarian needs to read all books as well as assisting millions of visitors at a time, all day every day. This role is filled by your search engine.

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