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Ways to interact with customers on social media

We are in a digital age and many corporate organizations, small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs are beginning to see the importance of social media in maintaining a customer-business relationship. Most customers find it easier to search online for solutions to the challenges they may be facing using a particular product or services, than visiting the office or making a call. This is why it is very important for every business to understand how to interact with customers on social media to provide them good and quality service.

Using social media for customer service, the customer service team or representative should:


Listen to what customers are saying:

customers can have either positive or negative experience from products or services offered, to better serve them and solve their challenges it is very important to pay attention to them. What are customers saying about your product and services, are they happy or dissatisfied, did the product serve the purpose for which they purchased it or is it rather useless. Paying attention to customers will help to engage them in the right manner, improve on products and services, and build a stronger customer relationship.


Learn how to handle negative feedback:

when a customer leaves a negative feedback on social media, the public wants to see how the negative feedback will be addressed. Responding in a negative way can have a negative impact on your brand. When faced with a negative feedback on social media, do not argue, be helpful as much as you can, respond on time, and if they are proving rather too hard to handle, trying to make the brand looks bad, and would not accept any form of assistance, simply ignore them.


Learn to engage customers:

when a customer leaves a positive feedback, always reply to show that they are unique and important. Answer questions and ask questions for clarity, relate to a customer like a human, not a robot, let them know you care about them and are willing to help, be empathetic.


Use a unique tone when communicating:

companies decide how they want to communicate with their customers, it could be in a friendly and informal tone or professional and formal tone. The type of company determines the type of tone. For example, a corporate organization will mostly use formal tone when communicating with customers, while an artist will most likely use a friendly tone. It is also important to understand the category of customers you are dealing with. A brand whose majority of customers are teens and young adults will most likely engage them in an informal and friendly tone.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach customers but when used the wrong way, it can cause a long-term negative impact. It can either promote your brand or mar it. Any company or business with bad online reputation will always find it hard to build trust again.

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Cynthia Okun

Cynthia is a Social media manager/ freelance writer offering content writing services, social media management and customer service to entrepreneur and non profit organizations. She loves to research, read, and learn new things.

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