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Pastels, Puppies, & Your Business

Owning a business is hard. What’s even harder is setting boundaries between your business and yourself. It’s like a new puppy. You are constantly thinking of ways to make sure it’s happy, growing, and has plenty of treats...

Ok — maybe it’s not exactly like a puppy, but it can definitely become your everything.


Many entrepreneurs will tell you that they swear by services like Asana and Toggl to help run and organize their business — and we use those too — but can you really set aside personal time for yourself, your friends, and your hobbies through those tools?

Nope. We’ve tried. And tried. And tried. Slowly you stop adding your personal tasks and start becoming your business. So, how do you really set that boundary?

It all starts with a pen, a journal, and a good set of pastel highlighters (yes, they have to be pastel). Bullet Journaling ® incorporates both your personal and professional worlds so that you can keep track of both, while facing the reality that your puppy can’t come into every restaurant with you.

In an arena where you can personalize and have full creative control over the content you want to include, there is no limit to how useful you can make your journal.


Through our journals, we’re able to have a financial tracker, meeting info, notes, tasks, and memories all in one place. It acts as a snapshot of our day — what we did, where we ate, how many dogs we pet, and what we were working on. Just as Asana helps break down projects into bite-sized tasks for your business, journaling breaks your day into smaller, actionable goals.

Structuring our time has forced us to go from 14 hour work days to 7 while still maintaining the same level of productivity. We’re more on-task, structured, and driven. We have clear goals and know what we have to achieve on each given day. Once we “clock-out” we have a plan in place that forces us to mentally shift from work mode to personal mode with ease and guidance.


Remembering that this doesn’t have to be artistic to be creative is another factor that we love. If you give someone a blank page and tell them to draw, more often than not, self-doubt keeps the pen from touching the page. As soon as you add a box full of tasks, doodling and utilizing your ~glorious~ pastel highlighters comes without the white page intimidation.

For any business owner — or any individual for that matter — stuck navigating the work-life limbo, Bullet Journaling ® is the equilibrium you didn’t realize was missing.


Though it’s crucial to give your puppy your attention, it’s even more important to learn that it’s okay to let it off its leash when it’s time to play.

About the author

Maddie & Olivia

Maddie and Olivia are consultants at Camino Tree who work together to build brands for small businesses across the globe. Fueled by a smooth latte and the breeze in a new city, they enjoy exploring new lifestyles and creating meaningful connections.

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