Asia trip, first stop: Thailand


After six months in South America, we decided it was about time to visit a new continent, a new country. We packed and we started a new adventure, this time in Asia we choose Thailand to start.

This beautiful country welcomed us with open arms and full of history, nature and friendly people. So to be honest, it wasn’t hard to fell in love with this amazing country and its culture.

Our first stop was in Bangkok, a huge city comparing to Colonia, our previous one. We stayed in a lovely apartment surrounded by beautiful temples and we worked and visit these lovely attractions for 10 days.

We visited shopping malls, night markets, Khaosan Road, dozens of temples and local food markets. We learned also a few things in Thailand such us not being too allowed to ask about the King, to try to eat as much as we can when they give us a dish and a few words in Thai, but not so many, ha!


Our second stop was Chiang Mai, we wanted to visit not only because there’s a huge Digital Nomad community but also because we heard that the temples and old town was beautiful, and they certainly didn’t disappoint us! Religion and culture are so important here that you’ll always find where to go pray around the corner, even two temples or more in the same street! And they all look absolutely beautiful, shiny and colorful. We also had the best smoothies in the whole world! Not so hard to beat for a juice/smoothy lover, huh!?


And last, but not least, we, of course, needed to visit a Thai beach, and we did not only visited Phuket but we also went to the one and only Phi Phi islands. We had a great experience around this little town on the island, spent hours in the water and we saw the most beautiful fish around!

Our first stop was beautiful and we look forward to sharing our second stop’s adventures from Kuala Lumpur soon!

Stay tuned!

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