Skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur Part II

We wrote last month about five skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Have a look at hour second part.

If you want to read the first part, please visit this LINK

Branding your business:

You have to build a business where not only you have sell but also believe in. Playing a role game here could be a good idea: would you be interested in your brand if you’re a customer? Would you buy your product and recommend it? Your brand doesn’t have to identify you but it has to be strong enough to survive during the years, your personal changes and the trends. Also, it has to show your business values and philosophy, your mission and vision.

Spreading the word through Social Networks, Website and a Blog is part of your branding so make sure everything goes with the same symphony.


Your network can be the key:

And this is not only to get more clients, this is also to get providers, efficient staff and people that can help you succeed in your field. You can learn from other entrepreneurs or other professionals that already went through what you’re doing. It’s very important to be surrounded by people that believes the same as you, breath business and have similar business values; this is not only to have a network where everyone can help each other with material assets but also to inspire yourself. Make sure you are available on Social Networks and have other ways to be reached out, don’t make it hard for that fellow entrepreneur to contact you.



This is an important aspect of your business growth, having the ability to sell your product through different channels is important to succeed. You don’t know how to? You have two options: learning or hiring some help, but you definitely need it. This will drive traffic to your website, expand the brand, teach your audience, share your culture, among others.



Yes, now you have the design, website, and presence on the main Social Media accounts. Now it’s time to analyze your target behavior. The UX is important to determine what they like, what they’re after and what is the thing they enjoy the most from you.

This information will lead to most of your decisions to keep updating your website and posting on your Social Media, after some time of research you’ll be able to post what it makes more and better reaction and what you think could lead to more sales. Google offers a good service for this and provides you good information to start with, also you can compensate with other platforms to get more information. These tools will help you recognize trends and maybe predict some of them!


You’re a learner and will you always be.

Being a learner is not a skill but being able to compromise to learn every time you can it certainly is.  This is part of Business 101, you need to keep your mindset updated and realize that you’ll never know it all. Nowadays, all the technology we’re using and the tools that help us succeed are being updated all the time or becoming obsolete, even when we sleep. That means you’re not allowed to get rid of that pen and notepad because you’ll be writing pretty often! Be ready to learn every day about new technologies, and the old ones that are updating or changing every day.

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