1. General

These Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) governs the service that is made available by Blue Marble Office. These Terms and Conditions represent the whole agreement and understanding between Blue Marble Office and the individual or entity who subscribes to our service.

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. By submitting your application and by your use of the Service, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.
Blue Marble Office may terminate your account at any time, with or without notice, for conduct that is in breach of this Agreement, for conduct that Blue Marble Office believes is harmful to its business, or for conduct where the use of the Service is harmful to any other party.

Blue Marble Office may, in its sole discretion, change or modify this Agreement at any time, with or without notice. Such changes or modifications shall be made effective for all Subscribers upon posting of the modified Agreement to this web address (URL): https://www.bluemarbleoffice.com/terms-and-conditions/. You are responsible to read this document from time to time to ensure that your use of the Service remains in compliance with this Agreement.

2. Service Fees / Payments / Invoices
All Blue Marble Office fees and charges are quoted and billed in US Dollars unless otherwise noted before requesting and paying for the service.

Blue Marble Office uses an automated payment processing system and only accepts credit card or PayPal payments at this time. All Subscribers are required to maintain valid payment information on file for the processing of any applicable service fees.

Blue Marble Office may take any reasonable action to validate your payment and registration information and collect all payments due. Service fees are due at the time of order or on the day of renewal. All fees must be paid in full and a month in advance of using the service.

3. Termination / Plan Change / Refund Policy
Blue marble Office reserves the right to terminate the Service after two weeks of fees not being paid without further notice.

You may request account termination or service changes at any time by contacting us. Blue Marble Office will provide said changes for next payment unless otherwise noted.
4. Limitation of Liability
Blue Marble Office is providing a variety of services that will keep your website safe and we will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. However, in no event will Blue Marble Office be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or economic loss in connection with your website or any other services provided to you.

If nothing else is specified we perform backups of your website daily, if you request a website restoration we do not guarantee all information are saved.

In the unlikely event of your website breaking, we include three hours each month to fix the issue. These hours are not, however, for design changes or any other adjustments. These hours are also not included if the issue was caused by negligence from the client or any third party side.