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Powerful Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Essential For Small Businesses – Part 1

With more and more customers turning to the internet to search for information, products and services, digital marketing is essential for increasing your sales and profitability. Without an effective online presence, it can be very hard these days for customers to know that your company exists. Digital marketing is therefore incredibly important for any small business looking to scale up. Much more than simply throwing up a website and publishing the odd Tweet, developing a solid marketing plan is crucial to set you apart in the online space. So have a look to see why digital marketing is essential to your business.

3 reasons why digital marketing is essential for your business:

If you need a little more convincing on why digital marketing can help skyrocket your business, take a look at these three reasons.

Your website showcases your business

A professional looking website that highlights your products and services is the first step to getting noticed by the right people. A good website acts as your portfolio. Make sure it’s easy for people to get a feel for what you are about. Promote your products, services or information in a clear, easy to understand format.

Go a step further with well researched, well-written content that is optimised for search engines and you are off to a winning start. Use a keyword planning tool to identify the search terms your ideal customer is putting into search engines like Google. Echo your customer’s language to make sure you consistently show up in results for the keywords that promote the nature of your business.

Compete with larger (and smaller) firms

When you are first starting out it’s perfectly common to not have a lot of money in the budget for advertising. It can feel like a lost cause going up against more established companies in your field, who no doubt have extensive costs set aside for marketing.

The beauty of the online space is that for the cost of a few dollars – or often for nothing at all – you can utilize a huge number of tools and programs to promote your business.

The additional benefit is that you have a ready-made pool of statistics at your disposal to make sure you spend your money wisely. Most business pages for social media or tools such as Google Analytics are bursting with data on your audience; their browsing habits, retention and even where they click.

Using this evidence means that you can monitor the return on your investments of the posts you publish, the campaigns you run or even the emails you send, which helps to keep costs down.

Reach a wider audience (and spend less money doing so)

Imagine you ran a retail business and placed a poster for your shop window to display your special offers. The only people who might see that poster are the ones who live locally to your premises. However, of those few people that walk past, only a percentage will notice it and call in.

Using your website, social media channels and email marketing to advertise your products will exponentially increase your reach, thus enabling more eyeballs to potentially see what you are selling.

Now imagine that you can save yourself the cost of printing that poster (or any other print media advertisements). Many of the tools you can use online start off with free packages for small businesses, meaning you can schedule blog posts, create email sequences or social media content for weeks in advance for minimal cost or effort.


That’s why Digital Marketing is essential for your business, part two coming soon…

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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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