More of Mexico

Last month we visited a few new places that are totally worth sharing. We spent an amazing time at the beach and visiting Mayan Ruins. And we got some family visits! We have some more of Mexico:
More of Mexico

Jesper’s subwing:

Jesper went on a new adventure!  Flying through the ocean and experiencing ocean life in a whole new way to see even more of Mexico.

This new watersports board consists of two hydrodynamic wings separated in the center by a rubber swivel ball. So you can easily maneuver underwater by tilting the two independent wings in various angles. The rider moves the wings up and down to dive or return to the water surface, or side to side to turn or create spins.  Both wings are secured with fiber rope which is then connected to the tow rope on the boat.  He had a great time with our friend from Adventurous Spirits Tours, check it out!


Chichen Itza & Cenote Suytun

Also, we visited the majestic Mayan pyramid and ruins of Chichen Itzá. This world wonder is visited by 1.4 million tourists every year and it is easy to see why. The exhausting heat wasn’t an excuse to walk around this mythical city, follow the amazing guides and fall in love with this real wonder.

The cenote was also beautiful, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, cold water and some friendly fish that wanted to hang around with the visitors. We had a nice Mexican lunch there with plenty of tacos, spicy food and fruits while watching some locals doing their traditional dances.


Boat ride to Isla Mujeres

If you are following us on Instagram, you probably saw our funny video about our boat ride to Isla Mujeres –Woman’s Island – a beautiful island where the water is as blue as the sky. A Perfect opportunity to stay by the beach enjoying the beautiful weather we had.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch our video, you can join us on Instagram or you can watch it here!



This lovely town is a post-Spanish place where people still wear their traditional clothing. They have a square with a big fountain and a church where devoted people visit every weekend before lunch. Also, they sell tasty food by the square where we tried their Elote –corn– and Marquesitas a sweet and tasty waffle cannelloni shaped where you can add whatever you want, from cheese to Nutella!

A quiet little town where people live surrounded by nature and tourists can experience how Mexico was hundreds of years ago. It’s a good place to disconnect from the hectic cities like Playa del Carmen and Cancun.



Playa del Carmen

We had some of Playa del Carmen as well. Mary’s parents visited us and we spent 10 days in the paradisiac beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. And of course, we did not only go to the beach but also went shopping, tried some traditional food, met locals and got a fantastic immersion of Mexican culture. Enjoy our pictures below!


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