Vacation in Piriapolis and Buenos Aires

Our first week-long vacation in a very long time.

With the end goal of Vacation in Piriapolis in the east of Uruguay, we went to Argentina in the south. Not only because we enjoy 12-hour detours, I needed to leave Uruguay for visa reasons. After three months in Uruguay, you have to leave the country and come back for another three months. Luckily we made Buenos Aires, Argentina a nice stop with waterparks, family visits, and Argentina’s greatest pizza.

With one day enjoying the good airs in Buenos Aires we set out with Marys Aunt and Uncle for the drive back to Uruguay and Piriapolis. We were able to sleep most of the way so this long journey was not too bad. Colonia is the most beautiful place on the globe but you can sometimes miss the ocean and the abundance of things to do in the communities surrounding it. That’s why Piriapolis is the vacation location no 1 for many Colonians, including us.

When we arrived at the rented apartment, spitting distance from the beach, we met up with the rest of Mary’s family. Our days’ involved beach, tourist attractions, shopping and losing at card games. Despite the water being much colder than Colonia’s river, I couldn’t ask for a better vacation.


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