June in Blue Marble Office.


New month, new look, new services… and new promotions! We’re so excited to show you this new look we have and mostly about our new fantastic promotion, check our news at Blue Marble Office.

We’re giving away a brand new website for your business, your friend business or your neighbor’s business, your choice! This promotion will be one time only. If you want to learn more about it and you’re so excited like us already and you want to participate, you can click HERE.

Also, I’m thrilled to tell you that some other new high demanded services are joining the party at Blue Marble Office. You want to know more about it?

Sales Funnels: Now you can set a goal, give us some tools and let us sell that product or service you need to sell. Get amazing results on ads and conversions!



Predesigned Websites: this is the cool one. Now, if you want to build a quick website

but you don’t have a huge budget. This is YOUR product. Pick your design and give us your content. We will take it from there. Quick, affordable… and beautiful! Have a look at the product features HERE.




Hosting: Now, you can hire your own hosting with us.

You can pick 1 year or 3years option. You can visit HERE and learn more about it!



And some of the old ones have been updated. Our Branding set now has more and the coolest features! You can have a look HERE. Our new cool Portfolio is HERE to have a look what we’ve been working on the last couple of months.


As for us, let us tell you, we’ve been pretty busy, but with exciting projects and travels. We have been traveling across Thailand and now we’ve just arrived in Malaysia. We’re a little tired but so happy and excited about this result, so we hope you enjoy it! New great stories about Thailand coming up in a future post!

Now, last but not least, we want to introduce a new member to our team. Nina will collaborate mostly with Jesper on our Website design projects and Mariana in Online Marketing. She’s a highly creative and energetic communications executive and TEDx Speaker.

Nina has worked in various areas within international IT and gaming companies, as well as developed opera and culture marketing. We’re so happy and excited to have her on our team now! You’ll probably see her around as well.

You’ll find her profile and portfolio as well on our Portfolio section soon!

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