Where it all began – Australia

We are travelers that cannot stay in one place too long, the world is too amazing not to explore. This feeling we both shared got us to pack up and leave where it all began. A decision that, put it lightly, changed our lives.
Where it all began 5

You don’t need much money to experience cool places around the world. This is what we tell ourselves as we live in a run-down house we share with eight other people, this house was where we first met. It is impossible to overpraise the people we met and the times we shared in this sad excuse of a home, but it was home.

With the risk of this becoming a romance novel we need to mention we were drawn to each other from the start. A pale weird dude from Sweden and a tiny cheese loving girl from Uruguay, who knew!

We were hard working but found time to go on adventures quite often. We went surfing on the beach, exploring the jungles/concrete jungles, partying through the night and much more; also found that we had a similar background and interest in digital marketing; maybe we could do something with that. However, Blue Marble wouldn’t be born until a few months after Australia.

When it was time to leave Australia we could not go our separate ways. Next stop was the home of the Vikings, IKEA and ABBA.

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